Line-up Announcement and New Show

               As most of you may already know, Stuart Markham, our long time original lead guitarist and dear friend stepped down from the band at the end of last year. This was a symbiotic, amicable parting and we will miss sharing the stage, and the road, with such an amazing kind and talented friend. We wish him all the luck and success in his future endeavours and we encourage everyone to please check out his new recording studio, White Whale Studios, where Manzanita Falls recorded our new upcoming album “Abilene.”
             With a new year, comes new faces for Manzanita Falls, and we would like to officially announce that Ross Barbieri will be joining the stage as our new lead guitarist. For those of you that don’t know Ross, he has played with some great local bands like Herby Seas, Kingsborough and Girls and Boys. We cannot express how excited and lucky we are to have such an amazing guitarist joining the band and can’t wait to see what we’ll come up with together!
You can come see Ross share the stage for the first time with Manzanita Falls on March 31st at Jamison’s Roaring Donkey. We will be playing with Travis Hayes (SF) and we assure you, this will be a show to remember.
Happy belated New Year to you all and we’ll see you all soon!
P.S.- Here is a photo of Ross with a machete
16344051_10154118637910718_860024475_n (1).jpg
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