Update: Back home

Hey all,

We probably should have posted this a few weeks ago, but we were all recovering from the tour. Unfortunately, we had to cut the tour short, as we were in a major accident just outside of Abilene, Texas (Check out the pics here). Matt Coit (our drummer) fractured a vertebra in his neck and ended up flying home as he will be unable to preform for the next few months. Overall, though, we were very lucky to be able to walk away from the accident. Jeremy McCarten was a trooper and finished out the rest of the tour solo, and drove what survived from our gear back home.

In better news, the tour was rockin’ up to that point we got to play with some killer bands, and meet some awesome people. We hope to attempt the tour again and see some of our new friends. Thanks for the Shark Week T-shirt!

The plan now, is to heal up, and write new material. Our album “Vinyl Ghost” came out right before we left. If you haven’t go download it on our bandcamp page (all the donations will help us replace some of the gear we lost in the accident). We hope to see you early next year. We love you all.

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